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Michael Kjome April 10, 2009 Jasmine Essay Exam II Rewrite F ORTUNE In Bharati Moukherjee novel Jasmine the central character fights between the concept of fate and free will, she uses these concepts to create identities for every point in her progression through life in America. The story of our main character is told in a 3-1- 2-4 sequence. Where we meet her in Iowa and as she reveals her past through flashbacks from childhood, to young adulthood, and then to present day we see this 3-1-2-4 sequence. Helping us to understand the development of struggles and identities she creates to face her fate. Fate and free will has religious, ethical and scientific implications . The religious aspects imply that omnipotent divinity does not assert power over individual will and choice. Ethics would imply that individuals could be held morally accountable for their actions. Whereas the physical properties relate to the actions of the brain and mind are possibly determined by physical causality. Free will is based on the belief that there is a fixed and natural order to the universe. “My grandmother may have named me Jyoti, Light, but I was already Jane, a fighter and adapter” (40). Jasmine struggles with these elements very quickly into her story and constantly through out her journey to find herself. Religion has a dominating role in the life of Jasmine. It implies that divine power determines the path rather than individuals. In the traditional sense Jasmine is very much tethered to fate. At the beginning of the first chapter she is confronted with her destiny, told she will lead a life of widowhood and exile (3). We are lead to see that traditional roles portrayed by the astrologer who in most circumstances is though to have divine power and insight. Interestingly enough Jyoti refuses to accept this prediction, to defy Gods plan. She is struck and coincidently given a scar that she refers to as her third eye. Usually thought of as a mystical concept symbolizing enlightenment with spiritual significance, the juxtaposition of fate and free will in this situation forces the audience to keep in mind the struggle and place each take in everyday life. For Jyoti to reject fate and in return given the gift of a third eye directly correlating to free will that Jyoti fights so hard to maintain. She is proud of the scar and feels the connection to free will. Also,
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JasmineEssayExamRewrite - Michael Kjome April 10, 2009...

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