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Michael Kjome MCDB 3500 HW1 Jurassic Park The technology used in Jurassic Park to bring dinosaurs back from extinction makes for a good movie, but tell me what is fact and what is fiction using your knowledge of molecular biology. In the movie, scientists found insects that had been stuck in tree sap and fossilized into amber. The scientists then extracted the contents of the insect’s stomachs, which were filled with dinosaur blood. The researchers extracted the blood and used the DNA to reestablish dinosaurs. There is a small amount of plot based on science we know today, but however great a blockbuster Jurassic Park was there are many serious scientific inadequacies Hollywood has overlooked to make billions. Today, there are researchers who study ancient insects fossilized in amber and many of them do have blood in side of them. These insects are fossilized the same way that they are portrayed in the movie but unfortunately they are no where near as old enough they would have to be to have seen a dinosaur let alone suck blood from one. As
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