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MCDB 3500 Exam III Fall 2009 Question 3 5srRNA J Gene Q Gene 5’______ _____ ________ ______ _________________ __________ _____ 3’ 3’___________________________________________________________________5’ 5’-----3’ 5’-------3’ 3’---------------5’ Above is shown an area of human chromosome 5 containing three genes, each encoding an RNA as shown 3a. For each of the three genes you wish to create a 10 base pair deletion within their promoters that will knock out their transcription. Use arrows to indicate the position where you would make the deletion J-Q disease is an inheritable disease. A subset of patients with J-Q disease contains a mutation between the J and Q genes on chromosome 5. Another subset of patients has a
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Unformatted text preview: mutation in chromosome 10. To identify the effect of these mutations you obtain cell lines from each type of patient and a normal person without the disease. You perform a nuclear run on assay on each cell line for the three genes above. 5S J Q 5S J Q 5S J Q Patient Cell Line Patient Cell Line Wild Cell Chromosome 5 Mutant Chromosome 10 Mutant 3b. Propose a hypothesis for what could be mutated in chromosome 10 fo the patients and for each, briefly describe why the proposed mutation would give the shown run on result Mutated in chromosome 5: Why? Mutated in chromosome 10 Why?...
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