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Michael Kjome MCDB 3500 HW2 Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology CEO "Assuming that you have become a CEO of a pharmaceutical/biotechnology company. How would your knowledge of Molecular Biology and your experience from designing and interpreting experiments be beneficial in that position?" I think that knowledge of molecular biology would be invaluable in your experience of designing and interpreting almost anything in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry. In business not knowing the product you are selling is usually reserved for those in pyramid schemas. It is important to have and understanding if not be an expert on the material. In the business that is science it is much more difficult to stay current on every new development that occurs without a deep understanding of what it is that’s changing but the ability to understand how something works and to have the ability to understand other mechanisms that occur in a cell like DNA, or any thing else that makes us tick is crucial for a successful business. Knowledge in molecular biology such as central dogma, replication, splicing and
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