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Michael Kjome April 28, 2009 Exploring Non-Western Culture: The Maya A Life in the Jungle Empire It was a cloudy day in the fertile jungle valley of Tikal, as an average sculptor stands out side of his poll and thatch hut, on the outskirts of the of the acropolis. He could see the pyramids and buildings constructed from this doorway and could hear the bustle of people, trading and bartering, working and talking. It had been a few days of rain in this area and that was all he could ask. He knew that the farms for the city of Tikal were not always efficient but the farmers them selves had always done their part and in return were feed well. It was the Ajaw to thank for the beneficial agricultural weather, since most of the land was progressively becoming more difficult to grow on, the weather helped with productivity. Clearing and burning down more jungle would be difficult work but with the rains, less jungle would need to be slashed. Life could be difficult in the core of the Maya civilization. The temples, acropolis and ball courts were being constructed that there was an enormous need for manual labor. Sculpting and chiseling stone day in and day out takes a toll on the body. He was not one of the best sculptors but had always produced quality work, he was neither fast not slow and on occasion had been asked to work on a piece for the royals. He worked mainly in stela and sometimes lintels, but not pieces for ball courts or temples. He was still young and learning but too qualified for something that would be walked over. As he stood watching his three children play under the clouds he took a moment to enjoy the city. The astrologer had architecturally designed buildings to fall successfully into hydrophanes and the military was at one of its 1
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greatest points in history. Although tensions were rising in the Maya Lowlands of
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TheLifeofaMaya - Michael Kjome Exploring Non-Western...

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