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Michael Kjome April 30, 2009 Argument Research Paper Kidnapping For many of us the word education has a simple meaning and for generations we have been looking to make learning and teaching more effective. With the majority of higher education universities turning to technology as the answer the advent of computers and the World Wide Web have stepped into that role. Electronic Learning also known as Computer Based Learning has been a dominating function in the classrooms, in the flavors of Email, PowerPoint, Faculty Course Questionnaires, Clickers, VPN, and Course Databases giving students and professors unique features to help in the process. E Learning has been defined as “pedagogy empowered by digital technology”(Nichols). According to the Sloan Report based on a poll of academic scholars, in 2006, nearly 3.5 Million students were participating in on-line learning at institutions of higher education across the United States and this value is only expected to continue to keep growing. “When you steal form one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, its research,” said Wilson Mizner (Bartlett). As online courses continue to rapidly gain popularity, it is important for universities’ to keep up with the growing number for problems that are arising from such easy accessibility to knowledge. With this increased accessibility to every piece of information on any topic you can draw out of a hat there is a temptation for students to cheat the system. Online databases selling custom term papers on any sort of novel or topic is one of the most widely used resources for students. Most can be spotted a mile away since they are not in
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the normal tone of the student along with various spelling and grammatical mistakes. Another popular source is online forums. Places like Yahoo Answers allows students to post homework problems and have someone else do the work. There is not a service fee for this type of operation but using someone else’s work whether it be math and science instead of literary papers can considered the act of plagiarizing or stealing. Plagiarism is “the act of plagiarizing”, which means, “to appropriate (ideas, passages, etc) from (another work or author).” It includes literary theft, stealing the words or ideas of someone else and passing them off as one’s own without crediting the source (Stephens). Most professors do not realize the accessibility of knowledge that a student can obtain from the stroke of a key and many still continue to use old exams and worksheets as homework questions. This use of old and available knowledge is considered plagiarism when not cited properly and passed off as original work. In the academic world, plagiarism is a very serious offense and can lead to a variety of punishment. According to the Office of the Honor Code at the University of Colorado at Boulder, punishments may range form a failing grade in the course or assignment, probation, community service, and suspension or expulsion. The pressure on
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ArgumentResearchPaper - Michael Kjome Argument Research...

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