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Michael Kjome February 24, 2009 Researched Argument Proposal To The University of Colorado I write to request funding for the purpose of research on the issue of Education 2.0. In the recent years there has been a dramatic shift of education moving from Chalk Boards and Books to Power Points and Blogs. With this rapid change it is important to be aware of the positive and negative consequences of its use and with more and more public schools and universities becoming high tech, could it be possible that there is something we are leaving behind. Is this move from hard copies to software the wisest move for something as important as education? RESEARCH QUESTION Technology is an expensive investment and requires an immense amount of human work invested to function properly. But this costly advancement is what many of our educators are turning to. They are used it in a wide variety of ways from posting grades within hours of receiving them to registering for classes and communicating between students and professors. Even the K through 12 schools are desperate for this Education 2.0 and with out increasing school budgets the now “necessary” access to the World Wide Web has become more necessary than extracurricular activities. These activities in fine arts and athletics, which we held dear, are now being cut to save dollars for computers and Internet access. It has become a fact that educators use power point presentations and email homework every day whether it is in Middle School or in the University, but with such freedom to access any information you run across, who is
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allowed or qualified to add information and is the information that our educators the correct information? MOTIVATION The motivation for my research comes from the increased amount of online work that is required by professors for their students. I personally have observed the shift with in the education system. In high school PowerPoint were not widely used and thought the
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