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ComposingCivicLifePortfolio - Researched Argument Proposal...

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Writing 3030 Composing Civic Life Portfolio Professor Marlia Banning Ph.D. Spring 2009 Michael Kjome Table of Contents
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Reflection Paper Civic Literacy Composition – Final Draft with Remarks Civic Literacy Composition – Second Draft with Peer Remarks Civic Literacy Composition Peer Critique – Alexa Davis with Remarks
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Unformatted text preview: Researched Argument Proposal – Final Draft with Remarks Researched Argument Masterpiece – Clean Researched Argument Intermediate Draft – With Peer Remarks Peer Critique – Chris Wetzel with Remarks Peer Response – Clean Final Notations...
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ComposingCivicLifePortfolio - Researched Argument Proposal...

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