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Peer Review Letter Assignment Michael Kjome Dear Alexa Davis After reading the second draft of your Civic Literacy Paper I thought that you had a lot of detail and were very concise with what you wrote. The amount of observations you have in your writing was tremendous. Everything is written well and very comprehensive. I read your paper in full a few times and the paper assignment to determine exactly how to best help you. I can say that your paper is nothing like what I have been reading. I liked you paper because of that and how complete you are but I do not think that the style of writing your paper is in now is what the assignment was about. When I read the assignment sheet and then read you paper they don’t seem to be for the same assignment. In the directions it asks for “Describe the place in enough detail to situate the context for your audience.” You tell us everything! In your first paragraph I know exactly what you are going to talk about in the entire paper and there is no question to where you
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