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PeerReviewLetterAssignment3 - Peer Review Letter Assignment...

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Peer Review Letter Assignment Michael Kjome Dear Cory Johnson After reading the second draft of your Argument Research Paper and the outline that you added I thought that your topic was very interesting. The introduction that you had begun to work on was fascinating and I could see where you wanted to head with your argument and paper after I looked over the outline. In the introduction you have now I thought that you use good references and sites. Although you did not include a bibliography to check the credibility of the facts they seem to be recent and assuming so, relevant. A problem I saw with your facts was that they do not come off as facts necessary for the reader to know to be a level to understand your thesis. They are interesting and could be used else where but focus on bring the reader up to speed on the issue and what you want to argue. Give the background before the interesting facts; the second paragraph is great for sparking interest. Also make sure to include your bibliography in the MLA format. Just in case you don’t have access to the
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