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PeerReviewLetterAssignment4 - Peer Review Letter Assignment...

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Peer Review Letter Assignment Michael Kjome Dear Chris Wetzel After reading the second draft of your Argument Research Paper I thought that it was very well researched and you had a great start. I found it very interesting and the topic unique. While I was reading you paper I read it a couple of times to see if I could find a clear position. I was mainly looking for a thesis statement and although you have a stance on the issue you do not have a very clear argument, thus weakening your paper. If you work on this it will greatly improve the structure of your argument and help to focus the support you have found for the argument. With the amount of research that you have in the paper you use a lot of relevant sources, but you did not include a bibliography to check the credibility of the sources. Even though this is a little thing for a draft of a paper. It helps to give the audience an idea of the type of sources that you are drawing from as well as to use their credibility to boost your own. As well you lack the ability to show
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