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Jordan Ries - Jordan Ries SOCY-1016 9 October 2009 Topic 2...

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Jordan Ries SOCY-1016 9 October 2009 Topic 2 PMS/PMDD and Hysteria PMS/PMDD is still to this day , studied, pondered, and relatively unknown. Premenstrual syndrome and p remenstrual dysphoric disorder has to do with the phases of a woman's menstrual cycle and the positive or negative effects associated with it . According to the article by Chrisler and Caplan , there are more than one hundred different symptoms associated with PMS/PMDD . Such findings generally bring up many questions . It is still debated whether PMS/PMDD is completely socially constructed, biological , or a combination of the two . Being there are over one hundred symptoms associated with PMS/PMDD it is difficult to accurately measure which symptoms are directly linked to PMS/PMDD or if PMS/PMDD is the scapegoat for some woman who experience stress , anxiety, or simply do not feel right and can only link it to PMS/PMDD as the primary cause . However , many women go through and experience their menstrual cycle differently from other woman . Some may have terrible negative effects , and others may have more mild symptoms and are better able to cope with the effects .
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Today the world is constructed differently and times are ever changing . Women have more rights and can hold much more responsibility either at home or the workforce . Such lives can be very stressful on many women especially when having to raise a family and continue to work outside the home . It is easy for anyone , not only woman, to experience high levels of stress and other related symptoms with such a high strung and demanding life . However , in a woman’s case many can claim PMS/PMDD as a sole factor contributing to some of the stresses associated in everyday life . "The concept of PMS is so vague and so
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Jordan Ries - Jordan Ries SOCY-1016 9 October 2009 Topic 2...

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