BEYOND_ENRON - deceptive practices? How? What role...

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Discussion points for ‘Bigger Than Enron’, the PBS Frontline treatment of corporate fraud: What are the economic and human costs of corporate fraud? (Try to be thorough and specific in your reflections.) What motivates corporate malfeasance of this sort? o What do corporate officers hope to gain by it, for the firm and/or for themselves? o Would they be less likely to engage in it if were part of their ideology that they had broader social responsibilities than just their economic responsibilities to shareholders? To what extent are the interests of corporate officers in harmony with/at odds with the interests of investors/employees/the public at large? To what extent does/can corporate culture promote/prevent
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Unformatted text preview: deceptive practices? How? What role does/could/should legislation and governmental oversight agencies play? To what extent are such hand-of-government efforts hampered by corporate lobbyists, campaign financing, conflicts of interest, underfunding, and anti-government ideology? What about the courts? o Should criminal charges be brought against offending officers, or against the corporations themselves? Or this just a matter for civil suits? o If the latter, which affected parties should have such legal recourse? Is it economically feasible for all such parties to take on large corporations in court? What do you propose?...
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BEYOND_ENRON - deceptive practices? How? What role...

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