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Essay Answers - Business Ethics According to...

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Business Ethics According to Utilitarianism, the moral goodness or badness of an action is determined by its consequences- by whether it benefits or harms the people who are affected by it. The reason why Utilitarians believe that layoff are better for the happiness, falls back to their slogan which states that the ultimate moral goal of social legislation was “ the greatest happiness of the greatest number”. Uchitelle denies this claims in the course of the book in a number of ways. After the outcome of the depression of 1919 and the two World Wars, job security had value and pursuit of value lifted Americans out of their insecurity. For almost 90 years 1890 until the late 1970 the trust of American labor practices had been toward everlasting personal attachments of employers to workers and vice versa. Layoffs used to be a sign of corporate failure and violation of acceptable business behavior in the 80s, but due to the current competitive economy and threats from outsourcing, layoffs have become common practice since the 1970s. Louis Uchitelle denies that layoffs are bad because of three common sense myths, which he proves to be false. The first myth he states is that layoffs promise a pay off. This myth argues in favor of Adam smith invisible hand agreement along. It states that the negative effects of layoffs will eventually be compensated by a revitalized America, which will emerge once again offering job security, full employment, and rising incomes. The second myths states that holds that laid off employees must add value to them self by
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Essay Answers - Business Ethics According to...

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