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MA 1002 Worksheet 1 Due Date: September 16, 2009 Print Name: Signature: ID #: Instructor/Section: Instructions: Explain each step using the conventions from class. Please mark solutions clearly. You will not receive full credit for a correct answer without explanation. 1. (50 points) Find population data for your home/favorite country on the Internet and determine the percentage of people alive versus the number of people that have ever been born in your country (at least during the intevals for which you can obtain data). Do you need an additional assumption or further information in this case?
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Unformatted text preview: Please display the data, your assumptions and conclusions clearly. 2. (50 points) Based on the data for your country, ±nd the parameters a, b, c, d, h for the exponential and the logistic growth function (if you can), and make a prognosis for the population in 2050. Plot the function(s) and the data points in the same coordinate system. 3. (extra) How will the percentage of people alive vs. people that have ever been born develop in future? Is the percentage increasing or decreasing? Why? 1...
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