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MA 1002 Worksheet 11 Due Date: December 2, 2009 Print Name: Signature: ID #: Instructor/Section: Instructions: Explain each step using the conventions from class. Please mark solutions clearly. You will not receive full credit for a correct answer without explanation. 1. (50 points) Solve the problem for your project. Write down the solution using L A T E X and hand in a printout of the output. 2. (50 points) Write a 5+2 minute presentation of your project, as a talk on the black- board or with slides prepared using L
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Unformatted text preview: A T E X or some other presentation software. Hand in a plan of the talk or a printout of the slides. 3. (extra) A very special island is inhabitated only by knights and knaves. Knights always tell the truth, and knaves always lie. You meet two inhabitants Alice and Zed. Alice tells you: “It’s not the case that Zed is a knave”. Zed says: “Alice could say that I am a knave.” Can you tell who is a knight and who is a knave? Please bring a computer to class next Wednesday!!!...
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