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MA 1002 Worksheet 12 Due Date: December 9, 2009 Print Name: Signature: ID #: Instructor/Section: Instructions: Explain each step using the conventions from class. Please mark solutions clearly. You will not receive full credit for a correct answer without explanation. 1. (50 points) Prepare and practice your presentation. Send the Fle of the presentation to, if it is in electronic form. 2. (50 points) Start at the origin with 0 and assign the natural numbers to the points
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Unformatted text preview: as indicated in the spiral below. The number 9 is assigned to the point (1 , 2), for instance (a) What are the coordinates assigned to the perfect squares and why? (b) Can you Fnd the coordinates of the multiples of 2? Of 5? (c) Extra: Can you Fnd a function f that yields the coordinates of any number n , i.e., so that f ( n ) = ( x ( n ) , y ( n )) for any natural number n ? y 1 8 9 2 4 6 7 5 3 x...
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