Quiz 2+3 - Quiz 2 1 Name two concerns with government data...

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Quiz 2 1) Name two concerns with government data mining and data matching programs and explain why. Answer: Two concerns of data mining and matching is invasion of privacy through snooping "subject analysis" or associates of a suspected terrorist. Meaning, on vague suspicion, government can tap into an individual's life and analyze all aspects of it - finances, relationships, travel and health. If they're wrong in suspicion, it wouldn't matter. The other concern is profiling - for the same suspicion, you can easily go ahead and start analyzing the environment from the suspect, starting from where he congregates to where he sleeps and analyzing and studying the people within the range. Ex. at a mosque they describe two criminals, now the government holds the mosque under seige for two individuals. Comment: Both you concerns are the same. 2) Explain the "routine use" exception in the Privacy Act and give one example. Answer: Act limits use of personal data to officers and employees of an agency maintaining the data who have a need for the data in the performance of their duties. It exempts the privacy concern only to individuals who's routine use must be "a purpose which is compatible with the purpose for which it was collected." An example would include an officer in law enforcement who is exposed to much personal information of those he arrests or detains. He/she is constantly exposed to information beyond the scope of private due to his "routine" duties. Their position is duly disclosed and notified for their
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Quiz 2+3 - Quiz 2 1 Name two concerns with government data...

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