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Privacy protection exists in a number of areas of the law. Describe privacy  protection in tort law, evidence law, property rights law, contract law,  criminal law and constitutional law. In the Roberson v. Rochester Folding Box Co. and Pavesich v. New  England Life Insurance Co. cases discussed in your text, the court arrived  at two very different results. Describe the contrast between how these  cases were decided and what the legal reasoning was behind each  decision. Name two concerns with government data mining and data matching  programs and explain why. Explain the "routine use" exception in the Privacy Act and give one  example. Under the Privacy Act, can the FBI be exempted from maintaining the  accuracy of the National Crime Information Center database? Explain your 
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Unformatted text preview: answer. List five recommendations from the 1973 Code of Fair Information Practices. Explain the difference between the Privacy Act of 1974 and the Freedom of Information Act. Explain the Driver's Privacy Protection Act and why Congress passed it. Refer to US v Ellison on page 353--356 and answer these questions. a) Does the Fourth Amendment provide any limits on government data mining? b) When the government engages in data mining, it often analyzes information it already possesses. Is this a search? Does this trigger the Fourth Amendment? Explain your reasoning based on the Court case referred to above and others in Chapter 3....
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Quiz_Questions - answer List five recommendations from the...

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