Producer-Consumer - (out+2)mod N SIGNAL(P) Consumer [w2]...

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Producer-Consumer Problem. Suppose producer at each time will put 2 items into buffer and  consumer will at each time remove1 item from the buffer.  Producer: produce(wi) WAIT(P) Buffer [in] w1 in (in+2)mod N SIGNAL(C) GOTO Producer w1 is a local buffer used by producer Consumer; WAIT(C) W2 Buffer[out] out
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Unformatted text preview: (out+2)mod N SIGNAL(P) Consumer [w2] GOTO Consumer w2 is a local buffer used by consumer WAIT(S) S s-2 If(s<0) then {put this process in waiting queue, Qs} SIGNAL (S) V(S) S s+2 if (s0) then {remove a process from waiting queue, Qs} Pi WAIT(S) CS(i) SIGNAL(S) Mutual Exclusion...
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Producer-Consumer - (out+2)mod N SIGNAL(P) Consumer [w2]...

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