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Jose L Ortiz Jr. IT 120 December 20, 2007 Documentation For my first assignment I made my logo very simple and explained the details of my company and what we are bringing into business. I made my first logo very simple, and later on developed another idea to bring a graphical look. I came up with a shield cause of my field in IT, networking, where the shield is made of blue, orange, and white, which are the three colors of my favorite team, Denver Broncos from the NFL. With that in mind, you can see where I got my idea, “NFL”. From my first assignment I was already thinking forward into later on assignments. In my website I just came up with the home page interface, and made it as simple as possible, as for the assignment it was just to get an idea to develop another website which brings us to the third assignment. In the third assignment I made my interface using Fireworks again, but found it difficult to link it and make it link to pages like about us, and contact, etc. We started using Flash and by the end of the tutorials I was going
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