Assignment 01

Assignment 01 - Assignment 01 -- Simple HTML with...

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Unformatted text preview: Assignment 01 -- Simple HTML with Validation of Standard Due By: Noon -- Saturday February 2nd . Post your solution on your web site. EMAIL me that you have done so and the URL of your site. Identify the names of any files used in the solution. PARTIAL CREDIT if you cannot complete entire assignment as long as I is handed in on time. ZERO credit for Late assignments. AFS Account : Make sure you have your AFS account set up so you can store the image online in a web accessible public_html folder. If you do not then there is an automatic 5 point penalty (and in this case the assignment files must be emailed to me in a single zipped folder). Index.html : Put a blank HTML file named index.html in your homework folder where you post your solutions. This way no one can examine your files without knowing their names. You are responsible for keeping your homework solution private. To access them should require not just the link to your directory (which other people can find out), but also the file name. Grading The assignment is worth total of 35 points :- 30 points are for the basic assignment - 5 points for including some kind of creative touch to the assignment....
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This note was uploaded on 12/09/2009 for the course CS 431,430,48 taught by Professor Scher,statica during the Spring '09 term at NJIT.

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Assignment 01 - Assignment 01 -- Simple HTML with...

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