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Assignment 03 - 1 Connect to your online MySQL database 2...

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Assignment 03 Simple MySQL exercise Due Noon Monday February 11 th 15 points This is an exercise rather than a full assignment. It can be done quickly once you have your MySQL account. It serves to ensure you have an account assigned and can access it, and gives a brief glimpse at manually interacting with a database. Later we will interact in a much more powerful way: through programs in JSP or PHP running on a web server.. When done, email me your own account name and password for your database so I can test it directly. Post the three snapshots requested below of some of your results in a Word document on your website. Exercise : Do the following to set up a table and populate it with data. Then verify the data is there and do a simple search:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Connect to your online MySQL database. 2. Create a table with a name of your choice. 3. Define the table to have three attributes ; two of type text and one of type int . 4. Insert at least four data entries in the table. 5. Browse the table to verify the entries have been inserted. 6. Snapshot the screen with the browsed table contents. 7. Use the search function to find some entry (entries) by specifying a search condition of the form: Attribute = value 8. Snapshot the screen with the search results. 9. Repeat the search with an SQL search query like: Select from tableName where attributeName = 'value' and Snapshot the results. 10. Post the results and email your account and MySQL password to me so I directly access them....
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