Assgt 04 Regular

Assgt 04 Regular - with random colors. Figure 3. Randomly...

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See specific deductions and requirements at end of document. Assignment 04 Regular section – Javascript and Dynamic HTML Due: Noon Saturday February 23 rd 40 points (5 points of total are for quality and creativity). This problem requires an understanding of: 1. Basic Javascript, including strings and loops 2. The use of Javascript DOM (Document Object Model) methods and properties like 3. the getElementById method, the innerHTML property, and the id attribute for accessing elements. 4. How to generate random integers in a particular range. 5. How to numerically represent HTML colors. 6. How to manufacture valid HTML code programmatically. 7. Style attributes. 8. How to design, incrementally implement, debug and test code.
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Figure 1. Interface to request colored multiplication table. Figure 2. Popup that button triggers -- displays dynamically generated HTML code including styles for an M x N multiplication table
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Unformatted text preview: with random colors. Figure 3. Randomly colored multiplications. Detailed Points off for Problem 1- Two input fields-1 2- Button (not submit) that triggers Javascript function-1 3-Popup that displays the generated HTML table code.-2 4- Times Table with expressions in tables-2 5- Colored text for the expressions in cells with random colors-4 6- Correct random number generator with correct range-3 7- Correct handling of id attributes-2 8- Correct definition of array of colors-3 9- Correct acquisition of input text values by function-2 10- Default color for body text-2 11- Clean construction of HTML string in Javascript function-2 12- Validated page - proper DOCTYPE strict & meta charset tags -5 13- Correct definition of FORM elements-2 14- Some appropriate comments in HTML code-2...
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Assgt 04 Regular - with random colors. Figure 3. Randomly...

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