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Assignment 07 Due: March 7th Make an HTML Form that does some data validation . The Form request should be blocked by a Javascript if any of the data fields are invalid. It should have HTML text fields, textarea, and menu elements. It should do some simple validation. The more features you add the better but a baseline version is acceptable. Make it look decent with some styles too. If you are able, include a PHP program that responds in some simple way to the Form request. It should be posted on your web site. I am leaving the details of how you do implement it up to you. A superior version could imitate some of the effects you are familiar with from your own personal web experience (like red stars appearing next to fields not filled in) – but this is optional also. Difficulty level: baseline version is relatively easy Value: 35 points Purpose of Assignment : a little more HTML and simple Javascript. Also designed to give people a chance to catch up. HTML Form with validation control: The key prototype syntax for validating Form data is as follows: <form action="---" onsubmit="return f ( )" > --- <input type="text" id=1 name = "B" /> --- <input type=" submit " /> </form> The Javascript function f ( ) has to "return" either true or false as described below. If it returns false then the Form request is blocked. See below for the syntax. You not have to write a server-side processing program but action must identify at least a dummy file so you can see a query string in the browser when a valid Form is submitted. If there's no file in action, then no query string is generated. You should test the Form on your web site to see the difference between a
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Assgt07 - Assignment 07 Due: March 7th HTML Form Elements &...

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