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Assignment 09 - Assignment 09 The Rosetta Stone Parallel...

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The Rosetta Stone : DUE: Thursday April 3 rd Midnight -- No Extensions ! 35 points Run and comment code for retrieving data from a MySQL database using both PHP and JSP. Make up your own database table and modify the code below for retrieving data from the table appropriately (Figures 1 and 2). But also p rovide a password to the database on the user Form by including an extra field. This is a routine exercise that only requires a trivial modification of the code provided. But it provides some initial experience with Java Server Pages (which work similarly to PHP). 1. The HTML Forms required are identical in both cases except for the different names for the program identified in the Form action attribute. 2. The code to access Form data differs slightly in PHP versus JSP. 3. The database is the same in both cases: there is only one database. 4. The commands to connect to the database differ in JSP and PHP, but have similar purposes. 5. The SQL query string executed is also the same: a Select statement that retrieves results from the database based on input from the Form. However, the JSP program requires a reference to a library of JSP functions for handling SQL commands. 6. Inserts/deletes, and updates are similar in PHP and JSP. 7. The machinery to execute and handle the query results for an SQL select query are different but largely analogous. Send links and database logon information so I can access the programs and database when you complete the assignment. Post the separate HTML Forms and the separate JSP and PHP code, along with their text files. Run the programs based on the following notes and include some comments on the code. Honor's Version of Assignment 09 Extend the Rosetta Stone for JSP & PHP to a Third Language – Perl . This requires some research on how to do retrievals in Perl, connect to the database in Perl, reference any needed Perl library, send data to browser, etc. Provide the equivalent retrieval and display functionality in Perl and include appropriate comments. See Rosetta.doc document for the matching code in JSP and PHP. Test your Perl work by executing the code with the same database, tables, and Select. Also understand how to do the regular Assignment 09 – but you don't have to explicitly hand it in. Note the Parallel PHP and JSP programs at the end of Assignment 09 .
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Assignment 09 - Assignment 09 The Rosetta Stone Parallel...

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