Assignment2 - Jose L Ortiz Jr. IT 430 February 15, 2009...

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Jose L Ortiz Jr. IT 430 February 15, 2009 Assignment 2 1) Describe the seven types of persuasion techniques commonly used in social engineering. Logic: With logic persuasion, the social engineer relies on logical arguments to obtain access. This is best deployed by presenting two true statements followed by a conclusion that results in your favor. Conformity: Conformity persuasion relies on peer pressure. An example of conformity persuasion is impersonating a help desk staff to obtain access to a telecommuter computer. Need based: With need-based persuasion, because people generally want to help out fellow human beings, you can present a need that the victim user can assist you with, such as giving you a password. Authority: Authority-based persuasion is a popular method where you masquerade as someone in a position of authority. Reciprocation based: Reciprocation techniques involve asking someone to do you a favor in exchange for doing that person a favor in the future Similarity based: It deals with appealing to the personal tastes and hobbies of the target person to build up a positive rapport with him Information based: you give enough information to show that you know what you are talking about. 2) Provide an example of one of the above-types of social engineering that is not in the book or slides and identify the type. An example of Information based: All technical rooms, switch rooms are always on the lockdown and you need special permission from the General Manager or someone that has access to that room. Most General Managers are really not familiar with any
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Assignment2 - Jose L Ortiz Jr. IT 430 February 15, 2009...

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