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Unformatted text preview: What can we predict about the dinosaurs? What about the heart? 1) Two chambered? 2) Three chambered? 3) Three and a half chambered? 4) Four chambered? 5) None of the above? What can we predict about the dinosaurs? A) B) What about the body temperature? Poikilothermic Homeothermic Topics Who were the dinosaurs? Were they warm-blooded? What is their relation to birds? Social behavior of dinosaurs. Take a guess: How many dinosaur genera have been described? Punch in a number with your guess As of September 2006 530 Genera have been described Take another guess How many additional genera do the experts think that could be unearthed? in a number. Punch Experts guess an additional 1,300 are yet to be found Giving a total of almost 2,000 genera of dinosaurs. Phylogeny What can we predict about the dinosaurs? Who are their closest relatives? A) Birds B) Lizards C) Turtles D) Crocodiles E) Snakes Where the dinosaurs lived In North America Conclusion? Dinosaurs & Birds Over two dozen genera ! Feather Evolution Four Winged Dinosaur Four Winged Dinosaur Microraptor gui Were Dinosaurs Social? What Happened to the Dinosaurs? What Would Have Happened If The Dinosaurs Had Not Become Extinct? The mammals probably would not have had an explosive adaptive radiation. the dinosaurs........? AND Next Time ...
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