1 mitochondria 2 ribosomes 3 linear chromosomes 4

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Unformatted text preview: lagellates =singlecelled algae Phytoflagellates =singlecelled algae 2. Diatoms Ch a & c silicon shells Most of the oceans' photosynthesis occurs by diatoms Phytoflagellates =singlecelled algae 3. Euglenas Ch a & b Many heterotrophs Multicellular Algae Where do they fit in? Red Algae (Ch a & d) Brown Algae (Ch a & c) Green Algae (Ch a & b) Summary of Algae Relationships a ofl Din Eu gl en g e lat el D ia ms to B ae lg A n w ro as s Green Algae Red Algae Ch a & c Ch a & b ancestors ancestors Phytoflagellates Where Did Eukaryotes Come From? Answer: They evolved from Prokaryotes Two Hypotheses: 1) Infolding hypothesis 2) Endosymbiotic hypothesis Endosymbiotic Hypothesis Fungi & Animals Algae & Plants Evidence for Endosymbiotic Hypothesis of the origin of mitochondria & chloroplasts Similarities...
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