To amoebae how are the protozoa related to

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Unformatted text preview: How are the Protozoa related to multicellular animals? Choanoflagellates = collar cells How are the Protozoa related to multicellular animals? Eumetazoa "True Animals" Parazoa Sponges Choanoflagellates Summary of Protozoan Relationships Metazoa Parazoa Slime Molds Choanoflagellates Foraminiferans Radiolarian s Ciliates Amoebae Zooflagellates Where Do Algae Fit In? Zooflagellates Photoflagellates Ancestral flagellates Since both protozoa &algae have flagella Chloroplast s Let's Look at Phytoflagellates What characteristics would you NOT expect to find in singlecelled algae? 1) Mitochondria 2) Ribosomes 3) Linear chromosomes 4) Chloroplasts 5) 9 + 2 flagella 6) I would expect all of the above Major groups: Classified largely by chlorophylls 1) Dinoflagellates Ch a & c Red Tides Phytof...
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