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Study%20Guide%20Week%2020 - Types of Data Used in Planning...

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USP 124 Fall 2009 Study Guide Week 2 Terms/Concepts/People/Plans Ebenezer Howard Clarence Stein Rexford Tugwell Garden Cities Movement Letchworth Garden Suburbs Radburn, NJ Stages in the Planning Process Fulton & Shigley’s Three Current Socioeconomic Trends Shaping California Planning Fulton & Shigley’s Six Ongoing Issues that Affect All Planning in California
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Data Used in Planning Three “P’s” of Planning: Process, Participants, Products Sphere of Influence Special District Ballot Box Planning Fiscalization of Land Use Proposition 13 Police Power Three Categories of Local Land Use Decisions: 1) legislative acts, 2) quasi-judicial acts, 3) ministerial acts Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)...
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