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1 USP 124 Fall 2009 Final Exam Study Guide Exam Format The exam will be closed book. The exam is worth a maximum of 100 points. You will need to bring at least one blue book with you to the exam. Upon entering the exam room, place your blue book(s) on the table at the front of the room. Make sure that your name is not on the book. We will randomly distribute the blue books to members of the class. The exam will consist of three sections. The first section will contain short answer/short paragraph/fill in the blank questions. This will be similar to the short answer section on the midterm exam. In addition some questions will require short paragraph answers. The second section will contain a selection of identification pairs to compare and contrast. For example, I might ask you to compare two different city plans. For this section you will be required to discuss two significant features of each term, and you will also be asked to identify a total of two significant similarities and/or differences between the terms. For this section you will be able to select your ID pairs from a larger list of options. The third section will contain two essay questions. The essay questions are discussed in more detail below. The exam will be comprehensive, although more emphasis will be placed on material from the second half of the quarter. You are allowed to bring food and beverages into the exam. However, you will not be able to leave the room once the exam begins unless you have a documented medical excuse. Please use the restroom before the exam begins. Portable electronic devices must be turned off and put away in your backpack/purse prior to the start of the exam. Study Suggestions Try to prepare short definitions for as many terms as possible. You might want to form a study group with other students and divide up the task of preparing the definitions. In preparing your definitions, you should think about listing key characteristics. For the comparative ID section, we will award points based on the following: identifying the main characteristics of each term and their significance, and identifying the key similarities and/or differences between the terms. Neil and Lissa will provide examples of how to do this at the review session. The essay questions below are the same questions you will have on the exam. The questions are
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Final%20Exam%20Study%20Guide0 - USP 124 Fall 2009 Final...

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