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Energy%20Types%20Lecture - Dung Coke Charcoal Oil Indirect...

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Energy Types Direct Heat, Light, and Power Direct Heat/Cooling Direct Light Direct Power Solar Solar Human (muscles) Human Animal (muscles) Animal Wind (sails, windmills) Wind Water (watermills, waves) Water Geothermal Springs Indirect Heat and Light (Combustion) Biomass Animal Fossil Fuels Wood Whale Oil Natural Gas Peat Beeswax Coal
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Unformatted text preview: Dung Coke Charcoal Oil Indirect Power (Converting Heat to Power) Steam Engine Internal Combustion Engine Nuclear Reactor Electricity Fossil Fuel Renewable Alternative Coal Solar Photovoltaics Nuclear fission Oil Wind Turbines Natural gas Hydroelectric Dams Geothermal Biomass Human...
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