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Class 27-Christianity

Class 27-Christianity - Chris Morrissey December 6 2006...

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Chris Morrissey December 6, 2006 Nearly two millennia ago, in the region today known as Palestine, the seeds for a new church were planted. In the years to follow it would grow from a small, isolated movement to the widely popular religion now known as Christianity. This phenomenon, however, raises an important question: why did Christianity alone emerge as the dominant religion of our era? To truly understand this, one must closely examine the circumstances in which this movement took place. The setting and the specific nature of the religion both were both crucial in the fate of Christianity. The region in which this movement began and grew was a critical and necessary component to its eventual success. The Roman government, who ruled the region, was relatively tolerant toward other religions, resulting in a diverse assortment of religious beliefs and practices. This leniency gave the early founders the freedom they needed to spread their beliefs without major governmental suppression.
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