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Rehearsal Strategies

Rehearsal Strategies - Rehearsal Strategies See chp 19...

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Rehearsal Strategies See chp. 19 checklist (O’Hair, page 294). The notes below refer to items on the list: #1 – Use your notes AND your object as you stand to practice. #6 – People usually speak faster when they are in front of an audience. Therefore, your rehearsed speech should reach the upper end of the time allotted. #8 – Use an available classroom to rehearse. Get the feel of projecting your voice in a room that size; it’s very different from practicing in an apartment or dorm room. You are “on” from the time you stand up until the time you sit down. Practice should include walking to the front of the room, facing the audience, pausing, and then beginning; at the end of the speech, conclude, pause, return to your desk with a professional demeanor – don’t walk “off stage” until you’ve completed your speech! #9 – Roommates and friends may be willing to watch the speech, but they don’t know the assignment. Instead, try practicing with a classmate or in CommLab. For
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