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Questions - Reis

Questions - Reis - 5 What role did confession play in the...

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Reading Guide for Reis, Damned Women: Sinners and Witches in Puritan New England 1) Describe the Puritans’ views of human nature and sin. Reis argues that men and women thought about human nature, sin, and guilt differently. Explain. 2) What does she mean when she says men and women were “equal before God, but they were not equal before the devil.” (p.2) Why were Puritan women more likely than men to believe themselves damned? 3) Describe Puritan views of the devil. How did those views blend folk culture with Puritan theology? Why were witches and witchcraft so dangerous? Did the end of the Salem witch trials mark the end of Puritans’ belief in the powers of Satan? Why or why not? 4) Reis says Puritans viewed the human soul as having feminine characteristics. Explain. Why were women more vulnerable to Satan and, therefore, more likely to become witches?
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Unformatted text preview: 5) What role did confession play in the Puritans’ belief system? How did accused witches benefit from confession? Why were women more likely than men to make a confession? How did the confessions of male and female witches differ? 6) How could confession make a woman a “model of Puritan womanhood?” How did the trials and confessions reinforce traditional views of appropriate behavior and women’s roles as wives and mothers? Why was it more difficult for women than men to establish their innocence? 7) How did Puritan theology and views of Satan change in the decades after the Salem trials? What does Reis mean by saying that Puritans dispossessed Satan after 1692? Briefly ID and explain the significance of: Covenant theology Assurance Justification Sanctification Predestination Spectral evidence Familiars Devil’s Pact Secret sins...
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