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MUS 1220 Name ____KEY_____________________ Study Guide Assignment Section ____All_ Complete this study guide and turn it in on your first class after Thanksgiving Break. While there will be questions on the final NOT covered in this guide (since it does not extend past this week), knowing the vocabulary and concepts covered here will be VERY helpful for you in preparing for the exam! I. American Music 1. Define the following: Syncopation The act of placing the accent in a measure “off the beat” – on weaker beats or on backbeats. Improvisation The act of creating or adapting a piece of music during performance. Vibrato The fluctuation of pitch or tempo (or both!) used to enrich / intensify the tone of a voice or instrument. 2. Name the jazz eras we discussed in class and one musician associated with each. New Orleans/Swing: Louis Armstrong/Jelly Roll Morton. Swing/Big Band: Ellington. Bebop: Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk. Cool/West Coast: Brubeck, Miles Davis. Classical Jazz: Gershwin (not necessary, but good if you put it!) 3. Collage music describes the music of which American composer from the lecture? What does collage music mean? Charles Ives: quotes other pieces in inventive ways. II. Form in Music 1. What are the three parts of Sonata Form, and what happens in each?> Exposition: state two primary melodies in “main key” and one other (usually dominant, now that you know that word!). Development: explore the melodies thoroughly – in
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1220stguidekey - MUS 1220 Study Guide Assignment Name_KEY...

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