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HW 9-22-08 - generalization to explain a phenomenon 4 How...

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Joseph Leonard Green Section 1 review p 31 9/22/08 1. What is the scientific method? Logical approach to solving problems by observing and collecting data, formulating hypotheses, testing hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and formulating theories that are supported by data. 2. Which of the following are quantitative? a. the liquid floats on water b. the metal is malleable c. the liquid has a temperature of 55.6°C C. 3. How do hypotheses and theories differ? A hypothesis is a testable statement, while a theory is a broad
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Unformatted text preview: generalization to explain a phenomenon. 4. How are models related to theories and hypotheses? A model is an explanation of how phenomena occur and how data or events are related. If a model successfully explains many phenomena, it may become part of a theory. 5. What are the components of the system in the graduated cylinder shown on page 38? Mercury, copper, and water....
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