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Joseph Leonard Green P87 #4-6 10/9/08 4. Describe at least four properties of electrons that were determined based on the experiments of Thomson and Millikan. Electrons have very large charge for their tiny mass, the electron carries a negative electrical charge, and electrons are present in the atoms of all elements. 5. Summarize Rutherford’s model of an atom, and explain how he developed this model based on the results of his famous gold-foil experiment. Rutherford discovered that an atom had a nucleus in the center that contained most of the mass and the electrons revolving around the nucleus
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Unformatted text preview: contained most of the volume. He deduced this by shooting alpha particles at a sheet of gold foil and observing how they deflected. By doing this, he noticed that most of the particle went through, but some would deflect off of the foil in different directions. By studying these results, he determined that the alpha particles were deflected off the nucleus and those that went through were going through the electron cloud. 6. What one number identifies an element? The atomic number...
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