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HW 10-10-08 - The number of protons plus the number of...

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Joseph Leonard Green P87 #7-11 10/10/08 7. a) What are isotopes? Atoms of the same element that have different masses b) How are isotopes of a particular element alike? They have the same number of protons c) How are they different? They have a different number of neutrons and a different mass. 8. Copy and complete the following table concerning the three isotopes of silicon, Si. Isotope Number of protons Number of electrons Number of neutrons Si-28 14 14 0 Si-29 14 14 1 Si-30 14 14 2 9. a) What is the atomic number of an element? The number of protons in the nucleus b) What is the mass number of an isotope?
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Unformatted text preview: The number of protons plus the number of neutrons c) In the nuclear symbol for deuterium ( H) identify the atomic number and the mass number. Mass # – 2 Atomic # – 1 10. What is a nuclide? A general term for any isotope of an element 11. Use the periodic table and the information that follows to write the hyphen notation for each isotope described. a. atomic number = 2, mass number = 4 b. atomic number = 8, mass number = 16 c. atomic number = 19, mass number = 39 a. He-4 b. O-16 c. K-39...
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