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Joseph Leonard Green P87 #12-16 10/14/08 12. a) What nuclide is used as the standard in the relative scale for atomic masses? C-12 b) What is its assigned atomic mass? 12 amu 13. What is the atomic mass of an atom if its mass is approximately equal to the following? a. 1/3 that of carbon-12 b. 4.5 times as much as much as carbon-12 a. 4 amu b. 54 amu 14. a) What is the definition of a mole? The SI base unit for measuring atomic mass b) What is the abbreviation for mole? mol c) How many particles are in one mole? Exactly as many particles as 12g of C-12 d) What name is given to the number of particles in a mole? 12g of C-12
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Unformatted text preview: 15. a) What is the molar mass of an element? The mass of one mole of a pure substance b) To two decimal places, write the molar masses of carbon, neon, iron, and uranium. C – 12.01 g/mol Ne – 20.18 g/mol Fe – 55.85 g/mol U – 238.03 g/mol 16. Suppose you have a sample of an element. a) How is the mass in grams of the element converted to amount in moles? Multiply by the (molar mass of the element) over (1) b) How is the mass in grams of the element converted to number of atoms? First, convert to moles. Then multiply the amount of element in moles by 6.022 x 10^23....
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