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Joseph Leonard Green H P155 #1-5 11/25/08 1. Describe the contributions made by the following scientists to the development of the periodic table: a. Stanislao Cannizzaro b. Dmitri Mendeleev c. Henry Mosely a. developed a method to measure atomic masses b. developed the first periodic table based on atomic masses c. rearranged Mendeleev’s periodic table based on atomic number; this periodic table led to the development of the modern periodic table 2. State the periodic law. The chemical and physical properties of elements are periodic functions of the atomic number. 3. How is the periodic law demonstrated within the groups of the periodic table?
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Unformatted text preview: Periodic law says that elements with similar properties appear at regular intervals when the elements are arranged in order of ascending atomic number. This is visible in the groups of the periodic table. 4. a) How do the electron configurations within the same group of elements compare? The last electron will fall in a corresponding orbital. b) Why are the noble gases relatively unreactive? All of the orbitals in the outermost energy level are filled. 5. What determines the length of each period in the periodic table? The amount of orbitals that must be filled before the next s-orbital...
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