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Joseph Leonard Steven Doyle Green H 11/21/08 Density Lab Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to demonstrate different methods of measuring density both in regular and irregular objects. Data: Density Formula D = M/V Observations: The domino had 12 dots. The dots on the domino are carved into the domino, which changes both the mass and the volume of each of the different numbers on the dominoes. The formula used to calculate the volume of the domino is the volume formula for a rectangular prism. The domino is not a perfect rectangular prism because of its divots and rounded edges, which causes the volume to be not perfectly accurate. The curves and angles of the gummy bear made it impossible to get accurate data by trying to measure it with a ruler. The gummy bear sank, which makes sense because its density is greater than that of water (1g/cm³) Conclusion: Density is easily calculated by using the equation D=M/V. Before calculating the density of an object, you must first find the mass and volume.
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