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Joseph Leonard Green H Research paper outline 12/15/08 I. Chemicals known as phosphors are used to make objects glow in the dark. A. Opening sentence B. Definition of luminescence C. Thesis statement II. Phosphors A. Definition of phosphorescence B. Uses for phosphors 1. toys 2. television screens 3. fluorescent lights C. How phosphors work D. Varieties of phosphors E. Radioactive phosphorescence F. Characteristics of phosphors G. Phosphorescence in minerals III. Chemiluminescence A. Examples of chemiluminescent reactions
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Unformatted text preview: B. How chemiluminescence works C. Uses of chemiluminescence D. Types of chemiluminescent reactions 1. using synthetic compounds 2. from living organisms 3. from the use of electricity IV. Bioluminescence A. Definition B. Examples of bioluminescent reactions 1. jellyfish 2. fireflies C. Cold light D. Things needed for bioluminescence 1. ATP 2. oxygen 3. luciferin 4. luciferase V. Conclusion A. Restate thesis B. Concluding sentence...
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