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Answers 1. Changing over time to adapt to needs. 2. Survival of the fittest. 3. Organisms with better traits are able to get food. 4. Traits that give them advantages for survival and reproduction. 5. Survival of organisms w/ favorable traits causes gradual change in populations of organisms over many generations. 6. Branch of Bio studies interactions among organisms. 7. Observes interactions of individual organisms in a species w/ others. 8. Environmental communities. 9. Ecosystems 10. Interdependence of organisms with their physical environment. 11. Nutrients, water, and gases from environment? 12. Healthy functioning of organisms in environment 13. Huge 14. Stable, but fragile 15. Plant and animal species native to forest become extinct, topsoil sucked of nutrients and hardened by sun.
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Unformatted text preview: Oxygen lost 16. No, soil dry w/o nutrients 17. CO2 18. O2 19. Absolutely 20. Highly organized structures that must be maintained by constant supply of energy? 21. The sun 22. Process of making CO2 and H2O with energy from the sun to make a form of energy used by living things 23. Plants and some unicellular organisms 24. Organism which obtain energy through making own food 25. Different chemical processes. 26. Organism which takes in food to meet energy needs 27. All animals and fungi, as well as many unicellular organisms, and a few plant species 28. Autotrophs or other heterotrophs 29. Complex chemicals are broken down 30. Alga, any living thing is more complicated than something, which isn’t alive....
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