HTS p46,47,48 30 questions and answers

HTS p46,47,48 30 questions and answers - 21 Did the tribal...

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Joseph Leonard HTS p46,47,48 Questions 1. What is a computer like-device, which everyone has? 2. What is the most fantastic tool you have? 3. Will your brain sometimes malfunction or stall? 4. What causes the malfunctioning of your brain? 5. Can your brain remember thousands of things if you let it work naturally? 6. What will happen if you try to memorize too many things? 7. What is a memory key? 8. What happens when a memory key is triggered? 9. What comes to mind when you hear, “In 1492…?” 10. What is this an example of? 11. What also did you think of when you Columbus was brought up? 12. Is this method new? 13. What method is it similar to? 14. Why was it important in ancient times to remember facts? 15. What is oral history? 16. Who was normally able to recite legends and history? 17. How long did it take for some historical recitations to be passed on? 18. How were these ancient people able to remember so many things? 19. Did ancient people have better memory than us? 20. What is the ancient method called?
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Unformatted text preview: 21. Did the tribal historians try to memorize the many events of the tribes history? 22. How did he remember the history? 23. What happened when he took the familiar memory into his mind? 24. What was each part of the journey? Answers 1. your brain 2. your brain 3. yes 4. By trying to memorize too many things 5. yes 6. Your brain will malfunction. 7. Something that reminds you of something. 8. It gave you a readout on the data stored in the memory cells in your brain 9. Columbus sailed the ocean blue 10. a memory key 11. Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria 12. No 13. an ancient method that has been used for centuries 14. There was no writing. 15. Info passed by word of mouth from one generation to the next. 16. the wise elders 17. It could take several days 18. They had a method of remembering 19. Of course not. 20. Association 21. No 22. He associated each historical event with some part of a familiar journey? 23. He also remembered the history 24. A memory key...
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HTS p46,47,48 30 questions and answers - 21 Did the tribal...

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