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Joseph Leonard HTS p 40,41,42 1. What do most students think of note taking? 2. Do students retain as much from listening carefully than from taking notes? 3. What should you study before a test? 4. How much do students forget after 15 minutes if they don’t take notes? 5. How much do students forget after 24 hours if they don’t take notes? 6. How much do students forget after 2 weeks if they don’t take notes? 7. How often should you review your notes? 8. How should you study your notes? 9. Would teachers rather use class or book content on tests? 10. For how long does a good teacher talk in class? 11. How will not taking notes affect your grade? 12. Does using a tape recorder help? 13. Why is using a tape recorder a bad idea?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. What percent of students listened to tapes again after recording them? 15. Why do you attend class? 16. How does recording the class affect how well you listen? 17. Does note taking interfere with listening? 18. Does taking notes in itself help you retain info? 19. Does taking notes affect long-term memory of material? 20. What percent of material do you retain from taking and studying notes once a week after 6 weeks? 21. Is a three-ring binder or spiral notebook better for notes? 22. Why is this so? 23. Why should you only write on one side of paper in 3 ring binder? 24. How does a three-ring binder help organize your notes?...
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