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HTS p 43,44,45 30 questions

HTS p 43,44,45 30 questions - 18 How does reading the...

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Joseph Leonard p43,44,45 1. Does retyping or copying notes a good way to study? 2. Why can’t you put your full attention to typing and studying? 3. What can you do to eliminate having to retype notes? 4. Will writing down the main ideas be enough? 5. What do you need to complete main ideas? 6. What should you try to come out of class with? 7. Is it proper to reflect on what a teacher has already said during a lecture? 8. Why is this so? 9. When should you be thinking about material? 10. How do you keep up when the teacher talks too fast? 11. What is a two-page system? 12. What do you right on left hand side? 13. What must you remember to include here? 14. What should you include on the right page? 15. When should you fill in this info? 16. How does this method help you to study? 17. Should you read the textbook before or after the lecture?
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Unformatted text preview: 18. How does reading the textbook before a lecture benefit you? 19. How will knowing these methods now help you later? 20. How will skipping class affect ho much you learn? 21. How can you cut class while sitting in the classroom? 22. How does daydreaming in class affect how much knowledge you retain? 23. How can daydreaming be worse than not showing up? 24. What do students who miss class know they must do? 25. Why do people who daydream not do this as well? 26. What is a misconception of students who daydream during classes? 27. What does attending class show? 28. How can you show your commitment to your education? 29. What will committing yourself to your education require? 30. What are the rewards of paying attention during class?...
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