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Joseph Leonard p49,50,51 1. How many steps are there in the memory-key method? 2. What is the first step? 3. How far should the line be from the left edge? 4. What is the right side for? 5. What is the left side used for? 6. What is the second step? 7. Should you use an outline or paragraph form on the right side of paper? 8. What should you write down specifically? 9. When should you skip lines? 10. How can you write quickly? 11. What should you make sure when using speed writing and abbreviations
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Unformatted text preview: 12. What would sloppy notes lead to? 13. What is the third step? 14. What should you do directly after class? 15. What should you specifically write in the memory column? 16. What will selecting memory keys do? 17. When shouldn’t you add memory keys? 18. What is the fourth step? 19. Should you say your notes aloud while studying or not? 20. How often should you study your memory keys?...
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