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Joseph Leonard P61,62,63 1. What is a handicap? 2. What are some widely known handicaps? 3. What effects would blindness have on a person? 4. What positive effects would blindness have on a person? 5. How can blind people help save lives because of their tradition? 6. Why do blind people touch objects and people more than others? 7. Are a blind man’s fingers or a seeing man’s fingers more sensitive? 8. How do the blind read? 9. Who invented Braille? 10. When did he invent Braille? 11. How did Braille help the blind? 12. Is the sense of hearing also more sensitive in the blind? 13. Are most people aware of the tone of voice a person uses? 14. What does the tone of a voice convey? 15. How does blindness affect how you hear music? 16. Who are some excellent blind musicians?
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Unformatted text preview: 17. When did Ray Charles begin to lose his sight? 18. What did the doctor in his town do? 19. When was Ray Charles completely blind? 20. What is believed to be the cause of Ray’s blindness? 21. What was the main reason Ray got over his blindness so quickly? 22. How did Ray’s mother help him deal with his blindness? 23. Where did Ray learn Braille? 24. What else did he study at the school? 25. When did his mother die? 26. Where did he live after she died? 27. What did Kitty O’Neal say about blindness? 28. What is to be learned from this story? 29. Do you act and think according to the image of your mind of what things seem like or what things are really like? 30. What is an example of this in life?...
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